Apple Varieties

Listed in the order of ripening from the end of September to end of October:

Scarlet O'Hara

A large mostly red apple that is sweet like a Gala but with a fuller flavor. Flesh is crisp, sweet and aromatic. Excellent for eating and salads. Can be picked mid-September until we run out of them. We are told they will keep several months in refrigerated storage.

Crimson Crisp

A very crisp, dark red apple that is quite sweet and aromatic when fully ripe. Our trees are only beginning to bear this crop so we don't have a lot of them. In fact, a few people snatch these up quickly and store them for the winter's eating.


Attractive and large, this apple is much like the Ohio State apple, Melrose. It is crisp and semi-sweet becoming sweeter in long term storage for late winter eating (three to six months). It makes a great Waldorf salad and has enough tannin that we add it to our Hard Cider when we can. It can be picked from October 3rd until late October.


Romeo is a large sweet yellow apple that is delightfully crisp and juicy when freshly picked in early October. Because of a mix-up in the provision of grafting wood at the nursery, we also have a red version of Romeo which the nursery has called Juliet. Juliet is small and must be fully ripe to have its simply sweet and aromatic flavor.


A wonderful all purpose yellow apple turning gold in storage. It is extremely crunchy when picked early off the trees. Its high sugar and high acid content give it a complex sweet/tart flavor which reaches its peak after one month in storage. While it has been hard for some customers to wait, it is best picked after the 20th of October. We pick any remaining ones off the trees in early November. Sometimes a deep freeze will catch some in the orchard and we turn these into a delightful Sweet Cider. We also use these for our personal Hard Cider and our unique Cider Syrup.

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