Apple Varieties and other Windy Hill Apple Farm Products

October Apples
These October apples are available from late September and into November. They include primarily Enterprise and GoldRush.
Storage Apples

Enterprise - A semi-sweet large red apple that is great for eating and salads. It remains sweet and juicy as it mellows in storage.

GoldRush - A complex medium-sized yellow/gold apple that stays crisp and juicy and can be used for eating, pies, sauces, and salads.

Cider Products

Sweet Cider - A blend of tart and sweet apples that always includes either Enterprise or GoldRush apple juice.

Hard Cider - We provide untreated apple juice for customers interested in making their own hard cider from the sweet cider of our apples with the yeast naturally present in our orchard. We are experimenting with varieties of crab apples as an extra dimension.

Product availability:

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